Recently #WeBuildRecruitment engaged with the charity #TheHowardCharityGala. #TheHowardCharityGala is a charity that works alongside #StAnnesHospice and was set up in the name of #MelHoward.

“On 16th December 2016 Mel sadly passed away from lung cancer. Mel was cared for by #StAnnesHospice in Little Hulton, #Manchester.

The care, compassion and selflessness shown by the hospice not only to Mel but her family was unbelievable and everything Mel would have wanted. The entire staff displayed some of the most caring and selfless qualities the family have ever seen.

Both Paul (Husband) & Faye (Daughter) were stunned at the care given to Mel and cannot thank them enough”

Our Managing Director, Michael McNeill commented “I am sure we all know someone who has been affected by this horrible illness and we are over the moon that both Paul & Faye allowed us to contribute and help them achieve their target of £20k.”

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