Meet Jade...

Behind every successful man is a woman running the show. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jade.
We Build’s longest serving employee and simply put; we couldn’t run the same without her.

Starting out as a trainee consultant 5 years ago Jade has developed in to a leader and the finest account manager the recruitment industry has ever seen.

Jade has both contractor and consultancy experience with no problem too big, the calm in any storm, you got a problem… Jade will fix it.

1. As the longest serving employee, how do you feel the business has changed since you started?

Bloody hell what a title that is. The business has changed a lot since we first started We Build, we have come a long way in 2 years, from 3 people in a shared office to offices in Manchester & Liverpool and 14 staff members.

The changes are for the good of course, it makes me really proud to sit back and look how it started to how it’s now going and there is no stopping us, we are only getting bigger and better as time goes on.

We Build really is one big dysfunctional family but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

2. What is your biggest attribute that helps you deal with the daily stresses of managing large contracts?

Anybody who knows me knows how much of a stress head I can be, things need to be done a certain way and if there not it sends me over the edge. I work well under pressure, I get a weird kind of buzz out of it, there’s no better feeling than coming into work knowing you’re going to be 100mph all day and then you get to look at a full board come the end of the day.

The relationships we have with both clients and candidates are a big factor, some are now friends and that just makes my life and job so much better because you want to make sure all their requirements are fulfilled and everyone is going out to work.

3. The office is so fun and it is clear that all the staff get on so well, what do you think is the secret behind this?

Letting your hair down little and often, the We Build nights out are WILD, you get to really see everyone’s personalities.

When hiring staff at We Build it’s not just about who can do the job and how much money you can generate, one of the key things is how well they are going to fit in.

I’m a big character in We Build for sure and can tend to be known as ‘gob on legs’ but I know I have my colleagues to tell me to shut up when I need it. It’s all love in here, Good vibes only.

4. Liverpool and Manchester are well known rivals, is this the same with the 2 We Build offices?

We Build is one big family, we do everything together and help each other to make sure the business grows day in day out but I would be lying if I was to say that there isn’t a little bit of competition, it’s healthy and a little bit of competition never hurt no body.

Plus it feels good when Manchester come out on top ALWAYS.

5. Working from home must have been nice, but did you miss the office during lockdown?

I remember the first lock down being announced like it was yesterday, I remember secretly buzzing about it.

I had just bought my first home with my partner so lockdown was brilliant to get things done in the house but believe me the novelty soon wore off.

Once everything was in place in the house and I wasn’t seeing anybody I hated it, the night before that first day when we were all back in the office again together was like Christmas day, I missed the atmosphere, the banter and just someone’s company! I think if Boris didn’t let us out when he did I would have gone stir crazy.

6. If you had to describe We Build in 3 words what would they be?

Loyalty, Trust, Proud.

We Build is built around the first two and the last one is what everyone who is involved in the business should be.

7. What separates We Build from the rest of the industry and competition?

Recruitment is a simple thing, hence the reason there is so many agencies, it’s the staff you employee and the service they give which separates you from the rest. At We Build we pride ourselves on being honest and telling clients if we are struggling but more importantly why we are struggling (whether it be rates, area etc) and I think this helps us retain clients as we don’t waste there time, we are straight to the point and effective.

8. If you had to be a superhero who would you be and why?

I mean it’s got to be wonder women hasn’t it? She just sails through life sorting out problems and getting s**t done – Like me at We Build!

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