Liam Taylor vs David Avanesyan at the SSE Arena, Wembley - Sponsored by We Build Recruitment

Absolutely over the moon to announce Liam Taylor will be fighting David Avanesyan for the IBU European Title at the SSE Arena Wembley on Saturday 2nd October 2021.

We Build Recruitment have sponsored Liam for 2 years and prior to this we supplied Liam to a number of our clients in the Manchester area as a JIB Electrician.

Liam was denied the British Title last year when his fight was stopped due to a cut to his opponent (15 seconds left of the 4th round). Now he has the opportunity to take the European stage by storm if beating the former world champion Avanesyan.

Liam is currently sparring former World Champion Liam Smith for his fight with David and will be ready when the 2nd October comes around.

Keep you eyes out on Sky Sports not only for Liam but for the We Build logo and staff around the arena on the night!!

Meet Jade Mclaren

Meet Jade...

Behind every successful man is a woman running the show. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jade.
We Build’s longest serving employee and simply put; we couldn’t run the same without her.

Starting out as a trainee consultant 5 years ago Jade has developed in to a leader and the finest account manager the recruitment industry has ever seen.

Jade has both contractor and consultancy experience with no problem too big, the calm in any storm, you got a problem… Jade will fix it.

1. As the longest serving employee, how do you feel the business has changed since you started?

Bloody hell what a title that is. The business has changed a lot since we first started We Build, we have come a long way in 2 years, from 3 people in a shared office to offices in Manchester & Liverpool and 14 staff members.

The changes are for the good of course, it makes me really proud to sit back and look how it started to how it’s now going and there is no stopping us, we are only getting bigger and better as time goes on.

We Build really is one big dysfunctional family but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

2. What is your biggest attribute that helps you deal with the daily stresses of managing large contracts?

Anybody who knows me knows how much of a stress head I can be, things need to be done a certain way and if there not it sends me over the edge. I work well under pressure, I get a weird kind of buzz out of it, there’s no better feeling than coming into work knowing you’re going to be 100mph all day and then you get to look at a full board come the end of the day.

The relationships we have with both clients and candidates are a big factor, some are now friends and that just makes my life and job so much better because you want to make sure all their requirements are fulfilled and everyone is going out to work.

3. The office is so fun and it is clear that all the staff get on so well, what do you think is the secret behind this?

Letting your hair down little and often, the We Build nights out are WILD, you get to really see everyone’s personalities.

When hiring staff at We Build it’s not just about who can do the job and how much money you can generate, one of the key things is how well they are going to fit in.

I’m a big character in We Build for sure and can tend to be known as ‘gob on legs’ but I know I have my colleagues to tell me to shut up when I need it. It’s all love in here, Good vibes only.

4. Liverpool and Manchester are well known rivals, is this the same with the 2 We Build offices?

We Build is one big family, we do everything together and help each other to make sure the business grows day in day out but I would be lying if I was to say that there isn’t a little bit of competition, it’s healthy and a little bit of competition never hurt no body.

Plus it feels good when Manchester come out on top ALWAYS.

5. Working from home must have been nice, but did you miss the office during lockdown?

I remember the first lock down being announced like it was yesterday, I remember secretly buzzing about it.

I had just bought my first home with my partner so lockdown was brilliant to get things done in the house but believe me the novelty soon wore off.

Once everything was in place in the house and I wasn’t seeing anybody I hated it, the night before that first day when we were all back in the office again together was like Christmas day, I missed the atmosphere, the banter and just someone’s company! I think if Boris didn’t let us out when he did I would have gone stir crazy.

6. If you had to describe We Build in 3 words what would they be?

Loyalty, Trust, Proud.

We Build is built around the first two and the last one is what everyone who is involved in the business should be.

7. What separates We Build from the rest of the industry and competition?

Recruitment is a simple thing, hence the reason there is so many agencies, it’s the staff you employee and the service they give which separates you from the rest. At We Build we pride ourselves on being honest and telling clients if we are struggling but more importantly why we are struggling (whether it be rates, area etc) and I think this helps us retain clients as we don’t waste there time, we are straight to the point and effective.

8. If you had to be a superhero who would you be and why?

I mean it’s got to be wonder women hasn’t it? She just sails through life sorting out problems and getting s**t done – Like me at We Build!

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Meet Mike Mcneill

Meet Mike...

Mike McNeill is the Founder and Managing Director of We Build Recruitment.

Just over a year since the launch and We Build have 2 new offices, clients all over the country and already surpassed goals they had in mind for year 3. A genuine success already and creating a real impression in the market. We interviewed Mike to try and find out the secret to his success…

1. A family man, business man and man about town, how do you find the time to run such a successful business?

To be honest, this is one thing I really struggled with and still struggle with to this day. I have put my everything into setting We Build up and trying to get us in a position where people recognise the name and branding. I was working 13/14 hour day, 7 days a week and nothing else mattered which affected everything around me but luckily my family and friends are very supportive and can see the journey I am going along to get us to the top so in a kind way ‘they put up with it’. Recently the business has grown and some internal changes have seen promotions which has solidified the management structure in the business which has given me more support and allowed me to take a little step back.

2. If you were a superhero who would you be and why?

Superhero, my boys already think I am one haha, super powers, I would love to be able to read peoples minds, I think people hold back from what they really want to say for whatever reason, I think things would move forward a lot quicker if people were honest from the outset.

3. How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

I have worked in recruitment since I left school (19 years ago) and have worked for some of the biggest and smallest agencies out there. It was my business mentor Matt Tyson who kept asking me the question “why don’t you do it for yourself? Look at the experience and success stories you have had with other businesses” but if being honest it wasn’t something I had looked in to. When working at WRS along with the team we built the division to level where it warranted to be a stand alone business in its own right (£10m turnover in 2nd full year) and this is what prompted the management buy-out.

4. What was your mission at the outset? Has this changed now that you are a year in?

The mission has always been the same and don’t think it will ever change, become the biggest and best Construction Labour Provider within the UK.

5. How many employees do you have and what has been the biggest challenge with recruitment?

Currently there is 14 of us (including directors) spread across 2 offices (Manchester & Liverpool). The biggest challenge has been finding consultants who can deliver on their promises. I have met many of people who promise the world but under deliver which has a huge knock on effect on your business as not only does it end up costing you money, it knocks your forecasts out when projecting the year ahead.

6. What do you look for in a new recruit?

Over the years I have only ever wanted people who have construction experience but most recently I have been more open minded and this in turn has helped finding the right people for the business.

7. What separates We Build from the rest of the industry and competition?

Recruitment is a simple thing, hence the reason there is so many agencies, it’s the staff you employee and the service they give which separates you from the rest. At We Build we pride ourselves on being honest and telling clients if we are struggling but more importantly why we are struggling (whether it be rates, area etc) and I think this helps us retain clients as we don’t waste there time, we are straight to the point and effective.

8. If you had to describe We Build in 3 words what would they be?

Effective, Honest & Relevant

9. Looking back on the eventful year that was 2020, what have you guys found most challenging? How have you overcome this?

2020 was a difficult year for everyone in the world never mind in recruitment. The challenging thing for us was sites slowing right down meaning our numbers dropped but with the solid client base we had if any agency was needed then we were the ones to supply them.

10. What’s the goal for 2021?

2021 has started off like a bullet out of a gun, we are busier than ever which has seen growth within both offices. The goal for 2021 is to break the 500 runner barrier and turnover between £12m-£15m (which we are currently on target to deliver).

11. If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

My advice would be to give it your all, if you fail, then fail trying but if you put the effort and hours in then there is no ceiling to where you business can go.

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Middleton Colts FC - NEW Sponsor!

Middleton Colts FC

We Build Recruitment are over the moon to be able to support grass roots football.

This year we agreed to sponsor #MiddletonColtsFC who are one of the teams who play under the #MiddletonColtsAcademy banner.

Jonny Munson started the academy in 2017 with a dream and that dream now has 400 players ranging from U4’s (pre-school team) to open age spanning over 35 teams.

We are looking forward to working with the club going forward and can’t wait to get to a game once the lockdown finishes.

Did someone say EXPANSION?

We Build Recruitment are branching out – literally!!

On Monday 3rd of February 2020 our Liverpool office goes live offering the services of both Blue & White Collar Construction Recruitment. We caught up with our Managing Director, Michael McNeill who said: “Recruitment is about people and your company is only as good as the people you employ, the hard work being carried out from the staff in our Manchester office has meant we are now able to branch out and have a presence in our neighbouring city Liverpool.

The team we have put together for ourLiverpool office have a combined 30 years’ experience within the construction recruitment sector so it was a no brainer to open Liverpool when asked.

We have secured office space in what I believe to be the most up and coming part of the city BalticTriangle and can’t wait to get going with the team on Monday.”

Keep your eyes peeled to our page to see the new team members who will be based from our Liverpool office and joining the We Build Family

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We Build Recruitment proud sponsors of former World Champion Terry Flanagan & Liam Taylor

We Build Recruitment have committed to sponsoring former World Champion #TerryFlanagan and soon to be British Champion #LiamTaylor.

Our MD, Michael McNeill said “It was a no brainer to sponsor the lads. With both lads being from Manchester it is great being able to support them on their journeys to becoming British and World Champions. The added benefit is both lads are qualified tradesmen (Terry, Bricklayer & Liam, Electrician) so a local agency supporting local tradesmen to achieve their dreams just works.”

Terry is due to fight in Liverpool on 15th November 2019 & Liam challenges for the British Title on 30th November 2019.

We look forward to a long supportive relationship with both fighters.

The Howard Charity Gala

Recently #WeBuildRecruitment engaged with the charity #TheHowardCharityGala. #TheHowardCharityGala is a charity that works alongside #StAnnesHospice and was set up in the name of #MelHoward.

“On 16th December 2016 Mel sadly passed away from lung cancer. Mel was cared for by #StAnnesHospice in Little Hulton, #Manchester.

The care, compassion and selflessness shown by the hospice not only to Mel but her family was unbelievable and everything Mel would have wanted. The entire staff displayed some of the most caring and selfless qualities the family have ever seen.

Both Paul (Husband) & Faye (Daughter) were stunned at the care given to Mel and cannot thank them enough”

Our Managing Director, Michael McNeill commented “I am sure we all know someone who has been affected by this horrible illness and we are over the moon that both Paul & Faye allowed us to contribute and help them achieve their target of £20k.”

#ManchesterCharities #Charity #WeBuildRecruitment #WBR

WRS’ Construction Management Team complete MBO to take the thriving division to market as a standalone business.

Michael McNeill and his team have completed a management buyout of the Construction Division of Worldwide Recruitment Solutions Ltd (WRS) for an undisclosed sum. With the MBO now complete Mike and team will provide their services via ‘We Build Recruitment Ltd’ (WBR).

Headquartered in Manchester City Centre, WBR is a specialist recruitment agency providing both blue and white collar contractors to the construction market on a temporary and permanent basis, supporting clients across the whole of the UK.

With an already established client and contractor database, WBR is aiming to grow its current contractor numbers to over 400. It is estimated that this will position it as a top five  construction recruitment agency in the North West, based on contractor numbers.

Management were supported by Fieldfisher, Manchester for legal advice.

McNeill, Managing Director at We Build Recruitment Ltd, said,

“After starting the WRS Trades & Labour division in 2016 and successfully building it to a £10m annual turnover, supported by a team of nine, I felt it was the right time to venture out into the market as a standalone business and build on those foundations”.

McNeill commented, “With the continued growth of construction projects in Manchester and the North West, labour requirements are at an all-time high and being able to provide high quality, temporary white and blue collar labour to clients who are building the future of Manchester is my team’s motivation.

The plan for WBR is to set us apart from the typical recruitment company and deliver a fast, reliable and more importantly honest service, to not only our clients but also our contractors. We will continue to supply qualified and trust worthy labour as standard, it’s the only way to build a strong working relationship with clients.

We Build by name; We Build by reputation”.

Worldwide Recruitment Solutions (WRS), a workforce solutions company with divisions in key engineering industry sectors worldwide, who fully supported the recent management buyout, felt that market conditions were perfect for the sale of the thriving construction division, allowing it to concentrate on other key areas of its portfolio.

Mark Brown, CEO at WRS said “The timing was right for all parties, for Mike and his team to take this successful division to market as a stand alone business, we at WRS would like to take this opportunity to wish WBR all the best of luck for the future”.

Acquisition sees recruiter strengthen position in construction sector

A local recruitment agency has made a tactical acquisition to form a new sub-division that is set to become a regional player in the construction market.

Manchester City Centre-based We Build Recruitment (WBR) has acquired the mechanical and electrical division of Sale-based Roebuck Recruitment and formed WBR M&E. The business will provide contractors across the UK with quality temporary workers in a range of positions, including highly technical specialist roles.

Mike McNeill, managing director of We Build Recruitment, said:

“Despite economic uncertainty, the construction market remains buoyant and skylines are changing in cities up and down the country. There is a continued demand for high quality subcontractors that firms can rely on and that’s exactly what we’re able to provide.

Roebuck Recruitment has developed a strong foundation over the last 12 months and I have no doubt that this acquisition will support our objective of becoming the biggest recruiter in this space.”

Roebuck Recruitment’s co-founders, Richard Chadwick and Jonathan Edwards, will continue to work alongside McNeill in the development of the sub-division. Their primary focus, however, will be on permanent placements in construction, IT and sales, for which the business has built an impressive reputation during its first year of business.

Managing director, Richard Chadwick, commented:

“Mike and his team are building a force to be reckoned with at WBR and he’s the perfect candidate to manage this division as it continues to thrive. For Roebuck, the time has come to focus on permanent search and continuing to deliver the personal, trustworthy service that our clients have come to recognise.”

Michael McNeill and his team recently completed a management buyout of the construction division of Worldwide Recruitment Solutions Ltd (WRS) and eyes further potential merger and acquisition opportunities as part of its aggressive growth plans.

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