Attracting the ideal candidates for a job role can be a challenge for many businesses. For the construction industry in particular, the ongoing skills shortage has seen competition amongst businesses in gaining the attention of skilled workers all the more tricky.

But with many years of experience, the team at We Build have a few tricks up their sleeve to support our clients in making them truly stand out from competitors. We have compiled just some of these tips and tricks below…

Know your candidates

One recruitment strategy will most certainly not fit all. To ensure you engage with the right candidates you must first think about them; their previous experience, their qualifications, their desired company culture. You may even consider creating partnerships with organisations who would have connections with your target candidate market.

Offer a competitive salary

Of course, salary is one of the most crucial aspects for any candidate and therefore you must ensure that the salary advertised reflects industry standards. And it doesn’t just stop at salary, ensure you shout about the benefits they could receive (e.g. holidays, sick pay, social events, private medical care, etc.).

Be social

Social media, when used correctly, can be one of your most effective tools when looking to capture the attention of your target candidate audience. Consider what platforms your candidates may use most often and utilise them to showcase latest job vacancies.

Streamline the process

The worst thing you could do is go into the recruitment process unprepared; it will not only leave a poor impression of your business with the candidate, but it will also cause a great deal more work for your team than necessary. Set out your recruitment process at the outset, convey this to candidates so they know what to expect and how long it may take.

Utilise the experts

Even if we do say so ourselves, no recruitment process can compare to that of an experienced recruiter. Not only will they have a wealth of candidates on hand that they can connect you with, but they are also there to support you from beginning to end, ensuring you hire the ideal person.

Looking to attract your ideal construction candidate? Contact the We Build team today for more information on our services and to get started!